The Terrace Coffee Shop Tour in Hannam Dong



First, we want to take a moment to say thank you all for the support you have shown
with us yesterday for the beginning of our renewed blog.

Here at MIXXMIX, we’ll be sharing daily outfit ideas and information about
interesting places you should visit.

The  crew from our MIX WOMAN team had gone outside downtown
Seoul in search for some quiet hidden places.
It was also the day of photo shooot for MIX WOMAN we had mentioned yesterday.
Any city dwellers would understand the super satisfying moments of discovering a hiddien spot
that no one else knows.  Normally I’d want to keep these places to myself,
but I’ll be gladly sharing them with you today.


The first  coffee shop I’d like to show you is Cafe Yuri located in
one of the alleys in Hannam dong.
As we stepped into the cafe, it felt like time suddenly stopped.
We were the only ones there at 9:30 in the morning and we certainly enjoyed the quietness.


There were five tables in the terrace which looked spacious enough,
you wouldn’t feel  so cramped even on weekends when it’s full of people.



You see, even a fly is enjoying the spacious terrace on the table!


The chairs inside the cafe seemed more comfortable.
The lightings looked pretty unique. (Gotta get one of those!)



The clay mugs looked great on the dark wooden tray.
I see a lot of wooden tableware these days.
They look eco-friendly and almost make you feel like you’d get healthier when you use them.

I thought the clay mugs were perfect match with coffee.
They made the coffee seem richer and kept it nice and cold.
The little jar for syrup was also a thoughtful addition.



The place looked perfect with MIX WOMAN.
This outfit she’s wearing in the photo is summer collection from MIX WOMAN.

The top almost looks like an ordinary t-shirt, but if you look closely
you’ll notice it’s actually a mix of two different materials.
Bodice made from soft jersey and sleeves in a sleek shirt-like material.

This unique piece goes with virtually any outfit!
You can tuck it under a pleated skirt to bring out your famine side or go for an easy,
laid-back casual with your favorite pair of jeans.


The black pleated skirt is also from MIX WOMAN collection.
Ever worried about how to iron a pleated skirt?

Worry no more!
Because these pleats were pressed permanently so all the pleats stays put even
after sitting down on them all day.



This pair of gladiator sandals has been one of our steady sellers for last few years.

Its simple, timeless design and sleek silver color make it suitable for any piece of clothing
from a classic skirt or a pair or slacks to denim shorts, not to mention the wide leg pants
and boyfriend jeans that are so hot this season.



These exquisite earthen ceramic plates are works of designer Kim Sun Mi.
They  were placed on natural wooden table and tray.

Each piece showed off a unique color and texture depending on the type
of glaze that was used.
Unlike the colorful, evenly shaped dishes and plates,
these handmade ceramics are beautiful in their own way.



I was also able find some simple mugs and a uniquely shaped plate that
looked like a piece of paper that is dog-eared.

If I’m lucky, I’ll get to have a dessert on that plate next time I visit.


A ceramic cup with a speck of gold


When you’re in Hannam Dong, stop by by Cafe Yuri and enjoy a cup of coffee
in handcrafted ceramic cups.

Even better,  Americano is only 3,000 won in the morning.
During their Dessert Time, you can enjoy any desserts at half the price!

Everything is fresh at ALL FRESH


Located across from Hannam Dong apartment complex,
ALL FRESH is one of those places that makes you want to step inside the moment you see it.

It was nearly 11 am when we got there. They seem pretty busy opening for the day
but they made sure we felt welcomed as we walked in.


At ALL FRESH, they service fresh seasonal fruit juices and sell the fruits as well.
(Fresh fruits delivered daily from a local farm!)



‘Cause it’s located just across the apartment complex,
there were a lot of locals stopping by to grab fresh fruits.

They even had tropical fruits like mangos and dragon fruits.
It’s pretty amazing that you can order juice for any fruits you select.


They also had five table out in the terrace.
It seemed like  a great spot to stop by for a quick sip.

After a long hesitation, I finally decided to get green grape juice.
The freshly ground juice with bit of chunks of grapes tasted so fresh
and it was sweet enough without any added sugar.


The second daily look from MIX WOMAN!

A breezy cotton t-shirt for the top!
Its loose, oversized fit make its a perfect piece to keep you cool during summer.
The slightly see-through  fabric is allows you to wear as it is.


Pretty, isn’t it?


For the bottom, we’ve matched a denim skirt.
With just the right thickness and wash, you can wear this piece all year round.
The easy A-line adds a feminine feel.

Pair with a classic white cotton t-shirt or a colored top like the modeled
image above to complete your look.


The last piece we’ll show is this pair of white sandals.
The wide upper band makes this pair unique from other strappy sandals.

What did you think about the cafes we’ve showed you today?
We’ve got more places to show you in our upcoming postings.
So make sure to come back and check out our new postings soon.
Say hello to us if you ever see us in Hannam Dong!
If you have any comments or ideas for MIX WOMAN daily looks,
leave your comments here!

Thanks!! See you soon!


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